Thursday, March 5, 2015

A new Journey.....I'm actually pretty excited

Well it looks like it is not over for Chilly and I yet.  I have made a decision to at least bring this situation to a close.  I think when we go through bad things and those things remind us of those bad times and bad people it is easier to simply just walk away and close your eyes and not deal with it.

Well it will be 2 years this year that this RV will be in storage, there is so much wrong with her, I don't even know if she will be worth the effort but at least I have decided to deal with it whatever it may be.   That includes getting it out of my exes name.

Making the decision to deal with it, is a long overdue step to my healing and my future as a full time RVer.  And that totally excites me.

So first step....Make a plan

I have to make a plan for this RV because so much needs to be done.  This plan needs to have milestones and goals and all kinds of fun stuff with an flexible end date.

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