Friday, March 6, 2015

Incorporating Shout Outs....

I am taking +Jammin Along's lead and +RV Lady's lead by incorporating Shout Outs in my blog.  I obviously don't have a video blog as of yet so I will be including this awesome feature in this blog.  

I think how I would like to do it is also to include FB friends and Pages.  

So let's get this party started.  My very first 3 You Tube Shout Outs will be to. yes you called it +Jammin Along , +RV Lady , and to continue with the RV Lady theme +2012escapee1 .

+Jammin Along is a couple who RV in their 1998 Lance Squire Camper which they haul on their 2000 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD.  I recently found them and look forward to watching more of their content going forward.  

Stop by their channel and let them know Jane sent ya 

Next one of my favorite lady's +RV Lady .  She will be a solo female RVer who has plans to travel to Mexico.  She brings sunshine to my day each day with her smile, and loving life attitude approach to her day.  She is actually one of the "bravest" RV lady's that I watch.  ;o)

She loves interaction so if you stop by her channel make sure you say hi oh and let her know I sent ya.  

Last but not least is another lady that I have been a fan of for quite some time, +2012escapee1 is a big inspiration to me because if you ever have any doubts that living full time and working full time from an RV is not possible, just go check out her videos and she will teach you a little something about getting it done. Now, she primarily stays within the state of Nevada but she loves to boon-dock.  I hope to be able to catch up with her and her traveling companion Toto.  

Well that was completely painless not bad for my first shout outs I hope I have done you proud +Jammin Along  and +RV Lady .

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Harvest Hosts - Unique Camping at Farms and Wineries

Gone With The Wynns are one of my favorite You Tube couples.  There videos are definitely a professional quality.  I also like the real day in the life stuff but I wanted to share this video as this would be such an amazing idea when on the road.

Free Pattern- Happy Camper Quilted Pot Holders! by Suzy's Sitcom

I'm not a sewer but when I came across these I knew that I not only had to have them but I truly wanted to know how to sew just so that I can try and make them.

The pattern for this adorable craft is below.

Suzy's Sitcom has totally outdone herself with this one and it looks super easy but then these things always do especially to someone who is craft challenged like me.

Stop by Suzy's page and take a look at the instructions to this adorable Pot Holder.

Time to dust off the old blog

Well, making my decision and actually doing something about the decision is making me want to dust off the ole blog, which I am also super super excited about.  There were so many things that I wanted to do with the blog but had so much going on in my life from divorce, to illness, to blah blah blah that I simply was not motivated.  

This blog will have quite a few new series and maybe one day I can incorporate my own vlog.  Right now I'm so ok with sharing other peoples journey until the time comes for my own.


I look forward to continuing on with my easy recipe section of this blog.  When you are in a RV be it full time or part time the one thing that you are typically cognizant of is your resources.  Be it propane or Electricity or even just space.  I look forward to continuing my Recipe series for this blog.

The recipe series will consist of non baking desserts, campfire, crock pot, and just down right easy.

I hope you will enjoy the continuation of this series as much as I will enjoy the hunt of recipes!!!!

A new Journey.....I'm actually pretty excited

Well it looks like it is not over for Chilly and I yet.  I have made a decision to at least bring this situation to a close.  I think when we go through bad things and those things remind us of those bad times and bad people it is easier to simply just walk away and close your eyes and not deal with it.

Well it will be 2 years this year that this RV will be in storage, there is so much wrong with her, I don't even know if she will be worth the effort but at least I have decided to deal with it whatever it may be.   That includes getting it out of my exes name.

Making the decision to deal with it, is a long overdue step to my healing and my future as a full time RVer.  And that totally excites me.

So first step....Make a plan

I have to make a plan for this RV because so much needs to be done.  This plan needs to have milestones and goals and all kinds of fun stuff with an flexible end date.