Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This is just the beginning

Hey I can't help it I'm a female and love adorable things.  Is this not the cutest item you've seen for your rv.  I feel a new series coming on.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Decisons are definitely apart of this journey

Well not having a husband any longer means that I have to pretty much make some decisions myself about my new journey.  I spoke with my long time friend of, Good Lord, 20 years today and it turns out that he is super knowledgeable about all of this trailer versus Class C versus this and that, he gave me some really good things to think about.  I am going to definitely take heed to his suggestion and go with my heart which is a travel trailer and get me a truck to pull it.  I know having him as someone I can go to will be a great help because understanding this whole thing has been a bit overwhelming.

But let the journey begin.........

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Becoming a full time rver is truly in my heart and in my spirit.  For me it is all about the places I hope to see across the country.  I'm going to totally be that typical tourist that will want to go to the cheesy tourist attractions but with me being so eclectic I truly feel that I will also be that individual that will go to places that either hardly no one has heard of or that I have found myself.  Especially locations that are in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by beauty, that is one of the reasons I love following Horton's Travels.   Well there is a couple of reasons 1) this couple always manages to find a beautiful scenery to park 2) Beer is typically within their reach (hey a girl has to have priorities ;o)

Here is one of their beautiful pictures that they took when they woke up one Early July Morning at Henry's Lake, Idaho.  Oh did I mention? This place is so on my list to visit.