Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This is just the beginning

Hey I can't help it I'm a female and love adorable things.  Is this not the cutest item you've seen for your rv.  I feel a new series coming on.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Decisons are definitely apart of this journey

Well not having a husband any longer means that I have to pretty much make some decisions myself about my new journey.  I spoke with my long time friend of, Good Lord, 20 years today and it turns out that he is super knowledgeable about all of this trailer versus Class C versus this and that, he gave me some really good things to think about.  I am going to definitely take heed to his suggestion and go with my heart which is a travel trailer and get me a truck to pull it.  I know having him as someone I can go to will be a great help because understanding this whole thing has been a bit overwhelming.

But let the journey begin.........

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Becoming a full time rver is truly in my heart and in my spirit.  For me it is all about the places I hope to see across the country.  I'm going to totally be that typical tourist that will want to go to the cheesy tourist attractions but with me being so eclectic I truly feel that I will also be that individual that will go to places that either hardly no one has heard of or that I have found myself.  Especially locations that are in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by beauty, that is one of the reasons I love following Horton's Travels.   Well there is a couple of reasons 1) this couple always manages to find a beautiful scenery to park 2) Beer is typically within their reach (hey a girl has to have priorities ;o)

Here is one of their beautiful pictures that they took when they woke up one Early July Morning at Henry's Lake, Idaho.  Oh did I mention? This place is so on my list to visit.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jessup Art Loop

Holly of Woman Tribune just posted about her first visit to the Jessup Art Loop which is  a community outreach event that happens on the second Saturday of every month from 3 to 8pm, showcases the original local businesses operating in Jessup, Pennsylvania, as well as the variety of talented artists and musicians from in and around the surrounding areas.

What a cool event to have on your RV calendar!  I definitely placing this event in my future destinations stops.

Here are some pics that Holly posted on her site that she took at the event.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The BIG VW Camper Giveaway Worth £45,000!

Fat Face was first started from the back of a campervan in late 80’s and is now a well-known global brand. Now, after 25 years of trading, they have launched an exciting campaign (#WinJim) that will allow fans an amazing opportunity to win a customised VW Fat Face Campervan worth £45k!

I've totally entered you should as well

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

From our Journey to what is now my Journey

I'm really going to try and make it a goal to blog on my blogs at least once a day as well as visit them once a day to determine if there is something that should be added or changed.  One thing I have come to realize on my RV blog is the title needs to be changed.  This journey is no longer an "our" but a "my".  Which in itself is somewhat scary but terribly exciting for me.  I know that I need to come up with a plan of attack for my future full time journey.  I do know that if I end up traveling alone that I would like a smaller rig.  There was a rig that was posted on RV Classifieds that would be perfect for me unfortunately I don't have the 6K right now to purchase it.  But I at least was able to get the name and the model and know that this is the one I definitely want and once I have saved the money I can search for one like it.

So this is where my journey will begin.  The changing of my blog title.  This is my Journey and man it feels oh so good.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Full Circle

Well here I am full circle within 5 months.  So much has happened within a 5 month period.  I actually received the opportunity due to my circumstances to live in my rv full time.  As a result of living in the rv full time I came to realize that the RV that my husband and I purchased was not meant for full time living of our family.  From the toilet leaking, to the leak in the roof, to the air conditioners not being operable (which is just not feasible in the state of Arizona once you hit May and sometimes even April), to my husband not being the man that I thought or at least hoped he was. One thing is for sure I feel as if I lived practically a full life in 5 months.

Now that I am no longer living full time in my rv the one thing I know for certain is that I want to be a full time rver for at least 2-3 years.  I have to say that I'm more excited about it now as a single woman than I was as a married one.  I don't have the negativity of my husband saying no we won't be able to do that or no we can't do that.

I"m super excited about my journey but my journey has to be right and my daughter has to be done with everything she needs to do to prepare for her future.

So as a result my daughter and I are in a small 1 bedroom duplex and I have to say it is pretty awesome having my eighteen year old as a roommate.  She needs to finish school and then possibly go to community college and transfer to a four year. Or do whatever she feels that she needs to do to secure her life.

I am now once again a wanna be full time rver but this time with a confirmation that this life is definitely the life I want.

It's amazing how our lives sometimes have to come full circle in order to confirm what it is that we truly want to do.