Friday, November 16, 2012

Whatever he sees fit is what it shall be!

I am one that has definitely had her fair share of problems throughout my life.  Through it all, I always find what helps me more than anything is dropping to my knees (I can't do that to much now so I simply just close my eyes wherever I am) and praying to my Lord and Savior.   He is always on time and is always his time.  I cannot express to you how blessed I feel to have him in my heart and life.  Especially through all the rough patches in this road I'm traveling called life. 

My consistent challenge is that I have to continue to place my worries at his feet because he always fixes whatever my issues may be.  Like the adage says "If your going to pray why worry and if you are going to worry why pray".

We are having another challenge it is a new month and money is tight.  I am truly ready to just sell everything and find a trailer that my family and I can live in.  But I have to be realistic.  It is not realistic for us to do that right now.  If it is God will make sure it falls into place.  I have to quit intervening in what he sees is right and necessary for me and my family. 

Physically we are just not in the best of health.  My husband and I are impacted with all types of health issues and the only way we would possibly be able to afford a trailer is to get one that we would have to totally rehab.  That is truly where my heart is anyway. I would like to acquire a toyhauler or fifth wheel or something along those lines that we can completely turn into our needs and desires.  Being computer geeks it is more important for us to have a long desk that my husband and I can share more than it is for us to have a dinette set that he and I probably wouldn't even be able to fit in.

All I can do is pray about it and whatever he sees fit is what it shall be. 

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