Tuesday, October 9, 2012


You know it is truly amazing when you know in your heart that you have achieved greatness.  I feel that way about my now 17 year old daughter.  She is such an amazing young woman, truly the best kid a mother can ask for and now even a better friend than anyone could ask for.

After receiving the negativity that I received from that friend of 25 plus years, it was such a switch for me when my daughter came to me last night and said "I wish we had a rv now so we could like go on a trip next week while I'm on fall break and get some of the kinks worked out".  I looked at her with such awe and thanked her for supporting me and not making me feel crazy for wanting to full time.  She said "Mommy, I think it's awesome what you guys are doing and it's going to be great for you".

I have always had faith that as long as I kept my eye on the prize and raised my child with good morale's that she would be an amazing person.  Well that I see has definitely occurred.

I have read about so many different couples and families beginning their new journey I just need to keep the faith that my turn will come around sooner than I think.

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  1. It will be amazing! Your doing what you want to do. Living life on your terms, your way. Not everyone will "get it" but they don't have to, and you will meet some great people on your travels.
    Keep the Faith!